Referral Scheme

Take part in the VB Referral Scheme! 

As part of our new referral scheme, we are rewarding £250 on a Spree card if you refer a friend for a role through Venesky-Brown! Interested? Please read below to find out more.

How does it work?
Our referral scheme is simple – if you have a friend you’d like to recommend for one of our live roles, send us their full name, contact details and specific job role you’re referring them for to:

If they are successfully placed in the role you will receive a one-off payment of £250 on a spree card for you to spend as you wish. It’s that easy!

Please read the T&C’s below before getting started.

Terms and conditions
Venesky-Brown’s Referral Scheme and the terms & conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties. In the event of conflict between this Referral Scheme and the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions prevail.

• Excludes candidates currently contracting for Venesky-Brown
• Payments are received after the candidate has worked for 4 weeks in the new role
• No monetary alternative is available
• Candidates can’t refer themselves
• Referrals can be made for the same candidate for more than one role
• Venesky-Brown has no obligation to submit the referred candidate to the live role
• We can only accept referrals for candidates who are eligible to work in the UK
• Venesky-Brown and its supplier has no liability for lost or stolen or spree cards, once the card has been received by you
• Venesky-Brown reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value at any time
• Referees are not eligible for a referral fee if they are involved in the selection and/or interview process of the referred candidate (although referrals are still very welcome!)
• This is a new referral scheme starting 01/09/2021 – no previous referrals will be backdated