Venesky-Brown Partners With Health In Mind To Address Mental Health Issues In The Workplace

Venesky-Brown are proud to announce Health In Mind as their chosen charity of the year.

Health In Mind are a mental health charity who have been promoting mental health in Scotland since 1982. Offering a wide range of services designed to offer support and advice, Health In Mind works with the community to help everyone reach their optimum in mental wellbeing.

Gwenn McCreath, CEO of Health in Mind said: “We are delighted that Venesky Brown have selected Health in Mind as their Charity of the Year this year.   They are promoting positive mental health in their workplace, encouraging supportive conversations and helping reduce stigma.  With their help, we can continue to deliver vital services. ”

As the UK’s leading specialist provider of staffing and project solutions, Venesky-Brown prides itself on being a conscientious and caring employer, and in partnering with Health In Mind, hope to raise awareness of a cause close to the company’s heart.

“Venesky Brown donate to many great causes, but this year, after participating in a charity event which was run by Health In Mind, we decided to nominate them as our chosen charity of the year,” said Venesky Brown Founder, Craig Brown. “We were taken with how enthusiastic the staff were and also that many of them had so much personal and professional experience in mental health.”

Working with people in a variety of capacities – whether it’s trusted partners, valued clients, in-house staff or high-quality specialised labours – Venesky-Brown understands the value of the work that mental health charities like Health In Mind do.

In the UK, it is estimated 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues each year, with over 8% of people suffering from anxiety or depression annually. While attitudes are changing slowly, there is still a huge stigma attached to mental health in the workplace, which Venesky-Brown is tackling head-on.

“As a large employer, we take mental health very seriously,” said Martin Cairns, Managing Director of Venesky-Brown. “We believe it is an important issue to talk about, and should not be swept under the carpet: everyone is affected by this, and mental health issues need to be treated with the same weight as physical ones. We really admire the work that Health In Mind do, and want to support them in any way that we can so that in turn, our employees know that we are there for them.”

In light of the recent partnership, Venesky-Brown will be adding a Health In Mind brochure to its induction pack, and providing resources to existing employees to promote positive mental health. To further aid a supportive working environment, Venesky-Brown’s managers have also attended mental health workshops and training.

“We believe that raising awareness and removing the stigma attached to mental illness is key,” said Mr. Brown, “ and in partnering with Health In Mind, we are another step closer to achieving this.”

If you are looking for help or advice with mental health issues, find more information and support