EURO 2020 Sweepstakes

Here at Venesky-Brown we are running a sweepstakes for the upcoming EURO 2020 Championship, which is open to our clients and candidates.

Simply predict the winner and answer the following tiebreaker questions:

Tiebreaker 1: Total goals scored in the Championship by England, Scotland and Wales (incl. extra time goals, excl. penalty shootouts)

Tiebreaker 2: Total goals scored in the entire Championship by all the teams (incl. extra time goals, excl. penalty shootouts)

If you would like to enter, simply send your answers to Sam at by 6pm on Friday 11th June.

? Prize winners will be the person who predicts the winning team
? Tie-breaker 1 will be used if necessary
? Tie-breaker 2 will be used if still needed
? Coin toss will be the final option if required
? Venesky-Brown decision is final

Winners will be contacted after the last game has been played on the 11th of July 2021. Sending an entrant agrees to these terms.

? 1st place – £100
? 2nd place – £75
? 3rd place – £50
? 4th place – £25

All will be in voucher form of your choice.



Well done to Marisa Palombo, who is currently working on the HS2 project in Aylesbury. Marisa correctly picked Italy to win and had the first tie breaker spot on!